Virtual Secretary Services

Our Virtual secretary services team is equipped with the necessary skillset and tools for virtually organizing meetings, booking flights, hotels and private accommodations, designing dashboards, creating documentation and coordination and compiling reports for multiple purpose. Our team is available on a per diem and a retainer basis.

Our virtual assistants will take care of your day-to-day tasks; while you focus on strategic matters and enjoy the following perks:

  • No pay for idle time, public holidays, maternity/paternity leaves or sick pay

  • Save on national insurance and retirement benefits

  • No cost of payroll tax processing

  • No recruitment agency fees

  • Flexible contract without any commitment

  • Pay for the work you want to be done

  • No cost of facilities and office set-up 

Our team of virtual assistants are trained to provide the following services:

πŸ“…  Scheduling your meetings and appointments.

πŸ“¨  πŸ“ž Handling emails/telephone calls.

πŸ“„  Documents creations - which includes letters, leaflets, brochures, vouchers, posters.

πŸ—‚  Managing dashboards, spreadsheets, databases and customers relationship.

πŸ”  Research and Development for your business and presenting in dashboard.

✈️  Travel and accommodation planning and booking.

βœ’  Content writing for marketing, ads, emails and website.

πŸ“²  Managing social media accounts.

πŸ“Š  Input, tracking and analyses of marketing analytics.

πŸ“§  Creating personalized communication

πŸ’‘  Advising on marketing strategy.

How we can Assist?

To know more about this service and our Fees, please Contact Us and Book a free NO OBLIGATORY Consultation meeting.