Business Process Optimization and Policies and Procedures

Efficiency has a direct relationship to the productivity of employees that uses these processes; hence processes should operate effectively and efficiently. Think of a scenario where an employee has an issue with the laptop or an application and it took a full day for the IT team to respond. The employee remained idle for the full day and was not able to perform his duties.

Organizations that have been around for a while do not have the liberty to scrape off everything and rebuild their processes from scratch. Such companies develop and formalize detailed processes the first time and continue to use it for a long time. The easiest and best option in such a situation is to optimize processes periodically.

Process optimization is a technique of enhancing a process to optimize specified sets of parameters without violating inherent constraints. The most common goals are minimizing cost and maximizing the efficiency.

Our process optimization team follow a phased methodology to optimize processes as depicted in the facing table. Our services under this domain includes:

  • Development, review and enhancement of frameworks, charters, manuals, policies, procedures, standards and guidelines

  • Review, engineering, re-engineering and optimization of financial, operational and industry specific technical processes,

  • Development of process maps and data flow maps

  • Quality assurance and implementation of ISO mandates.