Business Plans and Investor's Documentation Services

The value of a plan is the decisions it influences, and ultimately, how successful will be your company in creating shareholder value. Business plans should be measured by results. While a great business plan has to be well researched, elegantly written, and presented well, the essence of a great business plan is the how positively it impacts the results of the business in the short and long term. There are some qualities in a plan that make it more likely to create results. However, a great business plan is just part of the whole process of managing your company and achieving objectives. Even a great plan is wasted if nobody follows it.

  1. A great plan should be simple, it should communicate its contents in an easily understandable manner

  2. A great plan should be specific with clear and measurable objectives as well as specific actions to achieve those objectives. The objectives and actions should have plainly defined start and completion dates with specific persons responsible for achieving those objectives and carrying out the actions within specified budgets

  3. A great plan should be realistic. The revenue and expenses goals should be inline within the industry norms. The various milestone dates should also be realistic within the constraints of human and other resources available.

  4. A great plan should be complete. It should include all the necessary elements to carry on the business and achieve the objectives. Cutting corners or omitting necessary elements (to successfully run a business) that are difficult to achieve or challenges that are difficult to overcome, will likely result in failure in achieving the objectives.

You may find yourself at a stage where you believe you have an innovative product in your hands. You have obtained input from experts and they agree that the concept is solid, the data is supportive and the market needs are clear; or you have equity in hand and planning to set-up a business. However, you realize that to advance the concept or to set-up your desired business you need large amounts of money and additional expertise. So now what? Your option is to seek investors to sponsor your innovation or seek banks to provide funding for setting up and running your business; and to do so you need a feasible business plan developed on factual and solid assumptions.

Our business plans and investor’s documentation services team helps small and medium businesses in developing business plans, 3-5 years financial projections, pitch deck and other documentations to help secure funds.

Business Plans and Financial Due-Diligence

Financial Due-Diligence

Whether you are a potential buyer or a seller, it’s critically important that detailed due-diligence is performed of all opportunities, risks and challenges inherent embedded in a deal. If you are a potential buyer, a robust buy-side due diligence will help you to ensure that the transaction is the right fit for your business at the right price. If you are a potential seller, then seller-side due diligence will minimize risk of having surprises during the sales process; with sell-side due diligence you will have an edge of informed negotiation with increased surety of closing the deal e and value retention.

Our deal advisory team helps buyers and sellers in performing due-diligence of financial, operational, technical and strategic assumptions in any potential deals of insurance and health care sectors; and financial due-diligence of all other financial and non-financial services sectors.